10 Best Spy To Bring Love Back Urgently In 24 Hours

Want to bring your love back into your life within 24 hours? There are some sympathies that can help you to have the expected results, check out everything that can be done in this situation!

10 Spells to Bring Love Back

1- Sympathy of the Egg

Take a shoebox and a white egg, put the egg in the box and close it. Strongly shake the box saying 7 times aloud “my love, my love, come to me”.

After the 7 repetitions of shaking the box, place it on the floor and crush the egg with your foot, which represents your willpower to bring your love back. When finished, you should discard the items in the trash.

2- Candle Sympathy

With a white candle and a pen you will bring your love back. Take the candle and write your name starting at the base towards the wick, in the opposite direction write the name of your loved one. Light the candle by placing it above your head height, pray with faith asking for your love back and wait.

3-On the Beach or Backyard

Go to a place with sand taking a paper with the name of the loved one and a white and a blue candle.

Make a circle with your left big toe and place the paper with your loved one’s name inside it, light the candles and place it on top of the paper while saying three Hail Marys. Let the candle burn completely and bury the sympathy.

4-Flower Sympathy

Prepare a beautiful vase of flowers, on a white paper write the name of your loved one and at 8 pm on a Thursday kiss the paper and then bury it in the vase. Repeat “I love you, come back soon” seven times and wait for him to appear.

5-Mango Juice

Write the name of your love on a white paper, next Friday midnight bury the paper in the backyard and pour pure mango juice over it. Your love will return soon.

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Write the name of the loved one on a white paper, put it on top of a basin and say “I’m with you, I eliminate everything that prevents me from coming back to you”.

Then put the glass of sugar water in the basin and say “his name, I sweeten you”. Put a glass of rice in the bowl and say “name of the person, I multiply your love for me” and mentalize your love coming home.

7-Object of the Person

You will have to rub an object belonging to the person you love in your left hand and make the sign of the cross over it repeating the following prayer “Dear God, I suffer for love. I need you to bring back the person I love, only then will I smile again.”

Don’t tell anyone about the sympathy until he gets back.

8-Bringing Back Love

You must pray the following prayer: “Holy creed, strong creed, life creed, death creed, (say the name of the person), with me you cannot. Be trapped under my left foot (repeat your love’s name 3 more times). 1, 2, 3”. Tap your foot 3 times on the ground and then pray 1 Our Father.

9-Guardian Angel

Take a paper and draw the number of hearts corresponding to your age, light a candle on a saucer and ask your guardian angel to get your ex love back. Wait for the candle to go out and toss her remains in the trash, putting her drawing in her underwear drawer until he comes back.

10-Husband Back

Take a flower from the arrangements at a wedding party, take it home and wait for this flower to dry, to boil it in 2 liters of water. Take your usual bath and pour the warm water from the flower on your body from the waist down. Throw the leftovers from the bath in your garden and wait for it to come back.

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