10 cuts for fine hair without volume

10 cuts for fine hair without volume Do you want to give volume to your fine hair? Thanks to our tips you can show off a trendy look, which enhances you and helps you to express all your femininity. Those with thin, fine and lacking volume hair know it: changing your look and hairstyle is always extremely complicated, so much so that the end we resign ourselves to keeping the same cut or to tie the hair to escape a nervous breakdown. But why give up showing the beauty of your hair which, despite the absence of volume, hides hidden potential? You simply need to discover them through cuts and hairstyles that can enhance not only your hair, but also your appearance! Whether you have long or short hair, wavy or straight hair, the best technique is to give them maximum volume, starting with an ad hoc cut and, subsequently, continuing with the use of products and accessories capable of giving you an exceptional result. Here are the 10 best cuts for your thin and not very voluminous hair:

1. Short Bob

One of the best cuts to volumize the hair to the maximum is undoubtedly the bob or blunt bob: a short bob, with clean lines, which does not require scaling and which adapts easily to both smooth and wavy. It is one of the most fashionable looks, so much so that it has been a favorite of recent years especially by those who prefer short cuts. A good solution to give the hair a full and full-bodied look!

2. Lob or long bob

A very interesting variant of the bob is the lob, that is a long bob, perfect for those with thin hair: it allows, in fact, to maintain a medium length avoiding the hair from being excessively emptied or, on the contrary, weighed down. It is a longer version of the classic bob, which comes to the shoulders and which has never stopped being fashionable thanks to its ability to give the hair the right volume.

3. Bob with bangs

Here is a trick to make your bob even more dynamic: add a light fringe, even better if parade or curtain! It consists of a simple yet stylish way to enhance your look with extra volume and make it super versatile: you can transform it from casual to elegant with extreme ease, thus being able to adapt it to any occasion!

4. Long and layered cut

You definitely don’t want to part with your long hair? No problem: you can keep them and give them the right volume by making a slight scaling in the upper part or in the back. By opting for a balanced cut, in fact, you will be able to enhance your thin hair and give it a beautiful movement. You could also eliminate the natural line of the hair by moving it to one side (right or left is the same), and then move the hair from one side or the other with your hands: super natural dynamism with guaranteed volume!

5. Wavy and untidy hairstyle

Staying on the subject of long and thin hair, here is another suggestion for you to volumize them in a completely natural way: after having washed them and before drying them completely, weave a few strands, without following an order and letting yourself be guided precisely by inaccuracy; after which, he lets them dry and then untie them. You will get non-homogeneous waves that will create a very natural, wavy and voluminous look at the right point.

6. Structured waves

If you liked the idea of ​​waves, you can try to make them even in a more structured way. For those with naturally wavy hair it is very simple, but even in the presence of straight hair it is possible to obtain a good result. Do this: spray a texturizing product on damp hair, such as the Ricci do Brazil fixing mousse based on phytokeratin and shea butter; distribute the product from the root to the lengths; let the hair dry naturally. The waves will form on their own, without you further intervening. At the most, once dry, you can fix the hairstyle with the Hairtist volume spray, a volumizing hairspray that defines the waves without weighing it down and / or leaving residues.

7. Pixie cut

Have you tried the short cut and can’t do without it anymore? Then let yourself be overwhelmed by the pixie cut, a very short, modern and above all extremely feminine and sensual cut. Fantastic with wavy hair, it can become sparkling and cheeky even with the smoothest and finest hair: just leave the top slightly longer to give the final look character and dynamism. You will see that you will not regret it!

8. Bowl cut

Another perfect cut for short-cut lovers is the bowl cut, which draws inspiration from the traditional “bowl cut” in vogue in the nineties and has become very trendy again in recent times. It consists of a cut capable of giving great audacity to thin hair, without giving up a tres chic touch, thanks to the undercut on the nape and sides of the head and a rounded and regular tuft for the rest of the hair. Of course, this is an important look that requires courage, but if you are a rock girl, nothing and no one can stop you!

9. Gathered and teased combing

Although not everyone likes the crop, lately it is very fashionable and is especially suitable for everyday looks, to be chosen for a business meeting or for free time. The secret to making it captivating and particular is to collect the hair in a messy way in a classic bun and lightly tease the top of the head. If desired, you can drop two tufts on the sides of the face for an even more natural effect. In this way you can enhance your features and increase the body of your hair without resorting to scissors or volumizing products.

10. Unkempt ponytail

In line with the harvest, the ponytail is an evergreen of hairstyles, but if you make it disheveled you can get a truly surprising result: tie your hair into a ponytail, and then comb the locks from the tips towards the nape, so to mess and volumize them at the same time. Be careful not to apply too much force, otherwise you risk creating knots or breaking some hair. Fix with a splash of hairspray and that’s it! As you can see, you have at your disposal at least 10 options between cuts and hairstyles that can give body and volume to your straight and thin hair! To improve the final result, you can also resort to the support of some specially created products that are effective even on particularly fine hair: apply a shampoo and a mask with a volumizing action, such as those with the Oh! My Curls brand, made for hair curly but also very effective on smooth ones thanks to their formula based on natural oils, collagen and minerals with a moisturizing action; when drying, use a suitable diffuser which, combined with an ionic hair dryer, guarantees you a natural and long-lasting wavy effect; if you are in a hurry and prefer to use a hot tool you can evaluate My AirBrush, a volumizing brush with negative ion technology that eliminates frizz, or My CurlSet, a curling iron with 4 irons of different diameters to make your curls easily and in no time, both under the Salon Studio Professional brand; before drying or using a hot tool, always apply a valid thermal protector, which protects your hair from heat damage; consider a volumizing treatment like the one proposed by Renova, consisting of a shampoo, mask and leave-in serum specially made to give extra volume to fine and thin hair. All you have to do is choose the cut, hairstyle and products that best suit your needs and show off a look that is not only fashionable, but also able to enhance you and help you express all your femininity!

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