10 Signs Your Ex Isn’t Over You And Still Likes You

10 Signs Your Ex Isn’t Over You And Still Likes You

10 Signs Your Ex Hasn’t Forgotten You and Still Likes You.

When someone loves a person without wanting to admit it, it is normal to show some signs that betray their own desire to hide their feelings.

Your ex may be giving you signals that he hasn’t forgotten you and still likes you!

That’s why we’ve separated a list of the 10 most common signs that every man gives in these cases, check if your ex is doing it.

10 Signs of an Ex Who Hasn’t Forgotten You

1-He Doesn’t Want You To Move On

When a man approaches you, does your ex try to disqualify the guy? This behavior is normal because he still hasn’t gotten over the breakup and can’t stand the idea of ​​another man with you.

2-He Marks His Presence in Your Routine

Another very common attitude in the behavior of a man who has not forgotten you is that he is present in your routine, wanting to be your friend.

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3-Your Ex Is Trying To Get Better

At all times he demonstrates through his attitudes that he is striving to improve as a person and thus ensure a healthier loving relationship with you.

4-He Follows You on Social Media

Does he like all your photos and appear in the places you are present? This is a sure sign that your ex needs your attention.

5-His Friends Are Messing

A clear sign that he is suffering is when your ex’s friends are constantly questioning you about the possibility of you getting back together.

6-He Wants To Keep His Looks

Even if you’ve already said that you don’t want to get back together with him, your ex continues to work hard to maintain a good image with your family.

7-Your Ex Strives To Get Your Attention

Positively or not, your ex does everything to get your attention, often he even takes actions that you don’t approve of.

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8-He Catches General

This can even be one of your ex’s strategies to get your attention, making you think he’s moved on, when in fact he’s only doing it because he can’t hold on to another woman.

9-His Posts

After the breakup, it is common that in an attempt to get your attention your ex posts more reflective posts, so that you think he is changing for the better as a person.

10-He Owned Mistakes

Sober or not, after the breakup, the ex who wants to get back together usually assumes his mistakes, claiming that he wants to improve as a person from the end of the relationship, precisely to have more credibility with the ex and she will be thinking about resuming the relationship.

Do you recognize this behavior in your ex boyfriend?

If the answer is yes and you are always very attentive to him, it is important to assume to yourself that you also continue to like him, so that you can move on or ask him out and resume the relationship that made you happy.

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List of 10 Ex Signs That You Haven’t Forgotten:

1-He Doesn’t Want You To Move On 2-He Makes a Presence in Your Routine 3-Your Ex Is Trying to Get Better 4-He Follows You on Social Media 5-His Friends Are Messing 6-He Wants to Keep His Looks 7- Your Ex Strives To Get Your Attention 8-He Catches General 9-His Posts 10-He Owned Mistakes


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