20 Signs Your Ex Husband Still Likes You Even With Someone Else

It is not uncommon to find a man who is madly in love with his ex woman, but who got involved with another and goes on with life showing in small signs that he still likes his ex.

If you suspect your ex-husband still loves you even though he’s with another woman, check out the 20 signs that all men in this situation give!

20 Signs He Still Likes You

His current one hates you and you didn’t do anything to deserve it; You bump into each other in the same places, as if he knows where you’re going; Your ex needs your approval on important issues in his life; Even though he’s with another woman, he makes a point of telling you how his life is going and keeping you always up to date; He makes a point of always being present in your life; Your ex always worries about you;

He doesn’t like any man who approaches you and always tries to push these guys away; His friends keep saying that if you wanted him you would have him back; He doesn’t seem really committed to the current one; You also have feelings for him and that’s why he feels he can keep investing until you let him come home;

He often appears in the vicinity of your home or work; He is jealous of you; When getting involved with another man, he tries to disqualify the boy and even speaks ill of him for no reason; Your ex struggles to maintain a positive image with family members; Your ex husband is better for you now than when you were married;

He doesn’t seem entirely happy with the life he has now; He calls you when he is distant from the current one; Whenever possible he touches you and tries to have some show of affection like a hug from him; When he conquers something, you’re always the first to know; He has already apologized to you about the end of the relationship.

Solving the Question

If your ex displays this kind of behavior and you are aware because you still like him, it means that this current woman of his is left in your story and that something needs to be done.

Call your ex to talk and be very objective about your feelings and about what you could do, so that if you decide to get back together with this other person, be informed honestly and not suffer so much from the whole situation.

After all, you should by no means go back to him while your ex is with another woman!

Talking to your ex-husband about your feelings will help you move forward and make decisions so that he stays in your routine or lets you really get on with your life without the shadow of his presence getting in the way of your new romances.


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