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FW2012 Fashionista Birthday Dinner

Fashionistas would know that winter white and oxblood red are two of the key color elements of the FW2012 runway. To celebrate the big day of the glamorous and stylish birthday girl, who has specifically asked for something low-key, SweetP has put together a personalized display spread for the long dining table.

FW2012 Fashionista Birthday Dinner
Handmade cardboard letters in our theme colors, paired with sparkly sequins and luxurious white feathers.

FW2012 Fashionista Birthday Dinner
All 20 guests sitting along the long table was able to enjoy the “Happy Birthday” display.

FW2012 Fashionista Birthday Dinner
An album pre-populated with pages of fashion cutouts from magazines was passed around for guests messages and instant photos.

FW2012 Fashionista Birthday Dinner
A glamorous and feminine cake – a perfect fit for our birthday girl.


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