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Summer Garden Bridal Shower

As our sweet bride-to-be gets ready to fly all the way to Hawaii for her sun and beach big day in July, SweetP has decided to shower her with some floral and garden love right here in Hong Kong.

Summer Garden Bridal Shower
Gerbera daisies, heart shaped glass beads, and colorful gardening tools that double up as party favors – perfect for the Hawaiian beach!

Summer Garden Bridal Shower
The long wooden table matched our Garden Theme to perfection, with 15 dozens of gerbera daisies placed inside colorful mini pails and buckets, along with the gardening tools, glass beads and shiny faux hay.

Summer Garden Bridal Shower
A relaxing and fun afternoon spent in a private cheese room in the midst of Hong Kong’s summer heat.

Summer Garden Bridal Shower
Each guest brought home with them a mini pail of flowers, a set of gardening tools, and a memorable afternoon with our bride-to-be.


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