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Grooming Gone Wild!

Ever wonder what you could give to your canine-loving friends who have everything already? I was plagued with the same question this year so here was my solution!!


What You Need:

  • Cement Glue
  • Accessories and ornaments that you wish to glue on your brush
  • Tweezers

What to do:


Scout your local pet store and buy simple dog brushes that have flat-top plain surfaces.Head to a cell-phone accessory store (I found mine in Causeway Bay) and select accessories that you would like to decorate with. Half of the accessories should be smaller-sized rhinestones / pearls where you can spread as a base for your brush-top. You can then choose some larger ornaments to add texture to your surface.

1. Layout the pieces  on your brush surface to ensure that all fit. It’s fine if a few ornaments stick out the edge.

2. Clean your brush surface to ensure that there is no residue stuck on the metal plate.

3. Purchase a small tube of cement craft adhesive glue. With a pair of tweezers, glue away!

4. Let dry for 1 hour. VOILA! You are done.

5 . Enclosed are some other designs for your reference

6. Voila – you are all done!


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