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Homemade Valentine’s Day Card

Want to create your own Valentine’s Card?  Here’s a Japanese Origami Paper-inspired one..

What You Need:

  • Flower Shaped Hole Punch
  • Scrapbook paper with beautiful patterns
  • Square-Sized Origami Paper (3″ x  3″)
  • Gold String
  • Non Toxic, Acid Free Glue Stick
  • Decorative Paper Edger Scissors
  • Double-Sided Pop Up Foam Squares (1/8″ thick)
  • Corner / Border Punch

ingredients final

To add extra embellishments to your cards, you should have:

1. One pack of pearls (look for ones that have a flat surface on one side)

2. Tweezers

3. Rubber Stamp with the perfect message (i.e. Thinking Of You). Mine are from “Stampendous”

4. Colored stamp ink (mine is red)

What To Do:

1. Punch out flowers from your Origami paper using your decorative hole punch.

2. Position the flower petals onto your paper the way you would like them to appear.

3. Once you have positioned your flower petals onto your card, using your glue stick, glue the petals equidistant apart to form a perfect flower. I glued 3 individual flowers onto my card stock (the card can be any size – mine is 4″x6″.)

4. Next, your gold ball of string will act as the stem to your flower. Depending on the size of your card, cut 3 pieces of appropriate length string so that you leave an inch from the bottom of the card for your message.

5. Glue one end of the gold string to each of your flowers and leave the other end open. Tie the open ends of the strings with another piece of gold string to create a bouquet effect.

6. If you want to add extra embellishments to your flower, then glue the additional pearl beads to the center of your flower using your tweezers.

photo 3-2

7. Cut a strip of paper the width of your card stock and one inch in height to place your message. You can use your decorative scissors to give the paper edge a cute rippled effect.

8. Stamp your message onto the strip and let dry for 15 minutes.

photo 2-2

9. Using your corner punch, punch all 4 edges of your card to give it a finished look.

photo 1

10. And there you have it.. your personalized Valentine’s Day Card.

photo 1-2


4 thoughts on “Homemade Valentine’s Day Card

  1. I’ve been a lucky recipient of this handmade card and it is truly remarkable! Such a wonderful personal touch. LOVE!

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