Mini Notebooks Get A Mini Makeover

I had a girly tea gathering to celebrate my birthday a little while back. As a small token of appreciation to my sweet friends, I have added a little bit of personalization to the regular mini Moleskine notebooks and wrapped them up nicely in little clear bags to give out as little favors.

Mini Moleskine 1

I have always loved stickers as a kid, and I am recently rediscovering the beauty of these little jewels. Pink, fuschia, lavendar and purple notebooks complete with your glittery or gemstone initial – love them!

Mini Moleskine 2

I picked up these clear plastic bags from the bakery goods section – they are so versatile. Stock them up, they always come in handy.

Mini Moleskine 3

What You Need:

  • Your favorite stickers
  • Notebooks
  • Gift bags
  • Ribbons

What To Do:

1. Decorate your notebooks with your favorite stickers

2. Slip your finished products into the gift bags and dress them up with a nice little ribbon bow


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