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Trick To Traveling with Necklaces

Ever have the problem of packing your fine necklaces in a way so that they don’t get knotted? Here’s a very simple solution for you:

(this project will only work for your simple fine-chained necklaces)

What You Need:

1. Plastic Straws

2. Different Patterns of Washi Tape

3. Scissors


What To Do:

1. Measure the total length of your necklace (unlink the chain and place down on a flat surface in a straight line).

2. Cut the straw (if needed) to half the length of your necklace.

cut straws

3. Using your Washi tape, tape the end of the straw to ensure that the edges are fully covered.


4. Next, take the same pattern of Washi tape and hold it a 45 degree downwards angle and twirl your straw slowly without moving the tape until you get to the very bottom of your straw.

washi tape twirl


5. Once you’ve completed one, you can make as many as you like with different patterned Washi tapes.

6. All you need to do now is to thread your necklaces into the straw one by one and voila, pack them into a toothbrush holder and there you have it – an organized and fun way to travel with your necklaces.

Alternatively you can use a vase like I did and make your very own necklace holder to use at home. Voila!



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