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‘Smartie’ Pants

Recently a few of my friends were stressed out because of the excessive demands from their MBA programs. While trying to think of fun ways to cheer them up, I came across these ‘Smarties’ while grocery shopping and decided to make a few fun cards to encourage them, congratulate them on their recent completion and simply to cheer them on…. Yes, my Canadian friends – I love ‘Smarties’!!  So here we go:

What You Need:

  • Any plain white card stock
  • A pack of ‘Smarties’ candies (we need to use the wrapper so be careful while removing)
  • Washi Tape
  • Stamps with messages of encouragement
  • Scissors
  • Colored stamp pad – (I use Dauber Duos)

smarties candies instruciton vs2

What To Do:

1. Prepare all your materials. Carefully unwrap one piece of ‘Smarties’ candy without tearing the edges. Ensuring that the ‘Smarties’ text is upright, cut off the red polka-dotted edges on both left and right side leaving approx. 1/2 cm border around the wrapper.

2. Carefully center the ‘Smarties’ wrapper on your card and take approximately 10 pieces of ‘Smarties’ candy and lay them flat under the wrapper.

3. Take your Washi tape and carefully tape all 4 sides of the wrapper ensuring that there is no extra tape hanging off any ends.

4. Use whichever stamp you like and simply stamp the bottom of the card. I used my Daubers to color in parts of the stamp that I wanted in certain colors (as you see in the ‘Congratulations’ message).

5. On two of the diagonal corners, I added in fabric tape to give the card an extra touch of cuteness – again, this is optional. 🙂

And there you have it – a fun card for your ‘Smartie’ Pants’ friends!

dual smarties shot


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