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Quick and Easy Card Making Kits

Are you hosting a Girl’s Night at your home and want to find creative and fun ways to entertain your crafty girlfriends? Well, here’s an idea! Prepare simple and colorful card making kits so that you and your friends can bond and make cards for one another. These kits are meant to be simple and the best things about these kits, is that there is no right or wrong. Your friends can do anything that they want with the embellishments. Prepare some extra markers, pens and rubber stamps and you’re set for a fun and memorable night!



What You Need:

  • Solid color card stock with matching envelope (card size 5.5″ x 4.25″)
  • Inkjet +Laser White Avery Labels (model# 3474)
  • Double-Sided Tape
  • Patterned Paper to punch out Paper Tags
  • Tag-shaped Craft Punch
  • Heart-shaped Craft Punch
  • Wave-edged scissors
  • Single Hole Punch
  • Flower Embellishments
  • Larger Clear bags for the kit  (8″ x 4.75″)
  • Clear square bags with confetti designs for flower embellishments (4″ x 4″)

What To Do:

card making kits

1. Print the labels (D.I.Y Card Making Kit) using Word Document. Make sure to peel the labels before you used your wave-edged scissors to cut all sides. Tip: You will find it very difficult to peel the stickers after you cut all sides with the wave-edged scissors. Best to peel before this step.

2. Punch out the tags using your tag-shaped hole punch. Then place the “D.I.Y. Card Making Kit” label in the center

3. Punch out your card embellishments in different shapes and sizes as you see fit using your craft hole-punches. I punched out star, heart and flower-shaped punches. You can also buy the flower embellishments from your local craft store if you’re pressed for time.  I did both. I punched my own and also purchased some from local craft stores. Use double-sided tape to tape the back.

4. Once you’ve punched out your embellishments, carefully package them in your small square bag.

5. You are almost done – now you are ready to package all the pieces together into the larger size clear bag.

6. You can mix and match to create cute and colorful kits for your friends!


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