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DIY Bracelet for your Little Princess

During SweetP’s recent shopping spree in Sham Shui Po, I spotted these cute little wooden beads and was inspired to make some girly bracelets with them. At the ribbons shop, I found these lace, velvet and cloth-based ribbons which I thought would be a perfect match with my girly beads. These bracelets are easy to make, and can be a fun activity to do together with your little one or for your little princess!


What You Need:

  • 7″ thick ribbon as the backing
  • 6″ thin velvet ribbon x 2
  • 6″ lace ribbon
  • 4″ thin elastic
  • 1 small bead
  • 1 big bead
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Textile glue
  • Cement / Super glue

What To Do:

Princess Friendship Bracelet

  1. Measure out and cut your ribbons and elastic.
  2. Glue your 2 lace ribbons to your thick 7″ backing ribbon using textile glue. Depending on the width of your ribbons, you may need to overlap them. This is the backside of your bracelet.
  3. Flip to the frontside of your bracelet. Using textile glue, glue your thin 6″ velvet ribbon along the midline, leaving approximately 1″ unglued on one side. This is where you will hide your stitches later on.
  4. Loop your elastic in half, and ties down the ends and the middle with your thread.  Glue the looped elastic to the backside of your bracelet, on the end where the velvet ribbon is not yet glued down. Once the glue is dried, further stitch down the elastic to reinforce.
  5. Flip back to the front and glue down the unglued portion of the velvet ribbon. Using textile glue, fix the small bead, and using cement / super glue, fix the big bead on top.
  6. Let your bracelet dry out, and there you have it, a Princess Friendship Bracelet that is sure to please any little girly girl.

An additional step that you may want to add in is to affix another piece of 6″ velvet ribbon to the backside of your bracelet for a polished look.


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