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Think Outside The Box: Gift Wrapping Secrets

I love shopping in Japan as I find myself repeatedly falling in love with the creative and flawless ways they wrap and package their goods. Packaging is my weakness – I admit. I’m a marketer’s dream. I’m constantly in search of wrapping paper that I can use across all occasions however have not found a pattern versatile enough. Rather than stock up on several rolls of paper which I do not have room for at home, I decided that making my own packaging, for instance, with simple parcel paper or a tourist map would be a fun way to address my needs. It’s cheap, versatile and with a little creativity, it can go a long way. Enclosed are some simple and fun ways to gift-wrap your presents when you’re on a budget and in need of a quick fix.

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Check out the simple tutorials for the following 4 techniques:

1. Round Labels Wrap (see instruction Set A)

2. Map Wrap (see instruction Set B)

3. Fan Wrap (see instruction Set C)

4. Paper Button Wrap (see instruction Set D)

What You Need:

Round Labels Wrap (Set A)

  • Plain brown parcel paper
  • fluorescent colored round labels 1/2 inch thick that you can pick up at any stationery store
  • Ribbon
  • Double-Sided Tape

Map Wrap (Set B)

  • Tourist map from any country
  • Bell charm ornament (optional)
  • Parcel string
  • Double-Sided Tape

Fan Wrap (Set C)

  • Colorful wrapping paper
  • Parcel String
  • Double-Sided Tape
  • Flower embellishment (optional)

Paper Button Wrap (Set D)

  • Leftover scraps of paper big enough to punch out a 1 inch circle
  • 1 inch Circle Punch
  • Ribbon
  • Ribbon Punch

What To Do (Set A and B):

Its a Wrap A & B

A1. Once you’ve wrapped your gift with your parcel paper, take your fluorescent colored labels and stick them freely on the wrapped product. I like to keep my dots further apart so I tend to keep them at least 1.5 inches away from one another. Don’t be afraid to stick them on the edges of the paper.

A2. Use a fun colored ribbon to complete the look.

A3. If you would like to add a card or an additional embellishment, please do as I did here in the photo.

B1. Have your materials ready on a flat surface – this is a real simple project.

B2. Wrap your present with a tourist map. Try to pick the part of the map that shows the streets instead of the advertisements surrounding the sides of the map.

B3. Tie your gift up with the parcel string and add a cute little bell or any charm that you may have lying around to give your gift a more polished look.

What To Do (Set C):

Fan instructions

C1. Prepare all your materials on a flat surface. Wrap your product and leave excess wrapping paper on one end of your gift while completing the wrap on the other end of your gift. For a shoebox-sized gift, I left around 8 inches of excess wrapping paper up top.

C2. Squeeze both right and left edges of the gift wrap so that the wrapping paper fits neatly flat on the top surface of your gift.

C3. Similar to folding a fan, start from the top of your excess wrapping paper and fold inwards 1/2 inch. Seal and pat the fold so there’s a nice crease. Now fold backwards 1/2 inch and continue this pattern back and forth until you fold all the way down to your gift box.

C4. Use your finger to hold down the center of the accumulated folds.

C5. Use your parcel string to tie around the middle of the folds and around your gift.

C6. Simply pull the accordion folds upwards and there you have a nice fan-shaped wrap. Staple the middle of the folds together so that they hold and voila- you’re all done. Add a flower embellishment as you wish.

What To Do (Set D):


D1. Prepare all your materials and wrap your gift with parcel paper

D2. Punch 1 inch circles using your craft punch onto your colored scraps. I chose floral and plain colored patterns.

D3. Insert your ribbon through the holes to create a long strand of paper buttons and there you have it. Tie your parcel with the remaining ribbon and there you have it!

You can make several strands if you prefer something a bit more colorful. Think outside the box! 🙂


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