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LEGO-licious Party Favors

LEGO has been around for ages, since 1932 to be exact, and clearly it is here to stay. My husband and I were recently given an adorable LEGO heart pin and a set of LEGO cuffs by our good friends and I instantly thought about all the potential D.I.Y. favors made with LEGO – and I was right! I found some great party favors that you can instantly make with LEGOS for your kids’ birthday parties and a cute little recipe from my favorite Sweet Sugarbelle website that you can follow to make LEGO cookies! 🙂

Here are some of my favorites that I wanted to share with you:


1. Lines Across D.I.Y. Lego Gift Box 2. Sweet Sugarbelle’s Easy LEGO cookies

3. MoL Gifts & More 4. Choco Mint Crafts D.I.Y. LEGO rings

5. Stretch LEGO D.I.Y. Bracelet 6. Fred and Friends Stackable Silicone Utensil

From Design Milk: LEGO DIY Key Chains/ Hanger


CrackersArt LEGO Party Theme



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