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Button Up Your Summer Straw Tote

It’s almost time to give your summer wardrobe, beach tote bags and bathing suits another run this year.  If you like to accessorize and love to find ways to make your old but favorite items, new again, here’s a quick tip that I tried on my old straw tote and I’m loving it even more. The best thing about it is that if you get tired of the vintage look, you can always remove the vintage buttons and replace them with new ones without harm to your bag.  I only sewed on buttons to once side of the bag so it hasa “reversible” function to it.  And now I’m ready for a vacation!


What You Need:

  • Old Straw Tote
  • Vintage Buttons
  • Needle and Thread / Scissors


What To Do:

1.  Find an old plain straw tote that you would like to spruce up.

2. Get your buttons, needles and thread ready. I chose a beige thread that wouldn’t stand out as much against my straw tote.

3.  Find vintage old buttons from your local thrift store or Sham Shui Po.

4. Layout your buttons on top of your tote bag and find a pattern that you like. I experimented with horizontal lines but then stuck to a diagonal shape that would blanket only half of the bag

5. Thread your buttons onto your bag one by one and knot them tightly inside your bag.

6. And now you are ready for a nice summer holiday!


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