“I Heart U” D.I.Y. Card


There are many symbols of love, and to me, hearts is still one of the sweetest! As Mother’s Day is soon approaching, I am inspired to make a special D.I.Y. card that can warm any heart ūüėČ To make this card extra special, I have decided to make 2 cards in 1. You can write your message in the inside of the big heart, while complementing it with a special quote or a simple “I Love You” in the mini card insert. Whoever your beloved recipient is, I hope he/she would like your one-of-a-kind “I Heart U” card!

What You Need:

  • 1 large squared scrapbook / origami paper
  • 2 small squared scrapbook / origami paper
  • 1 large rectangular thin paper
  • 1 small rectangular thick card paper
  • double-sided tape
  • scissors

What To Do:

I Heart U D.I.Y. Card Procedure

1. Prepare your materials. Choose whatever colored paper that suits your mood, but be careful not to use paper that is too thick for the hearts and the  lining of your card, but do choose a thicker paper for the small card insert. To fold the 3 squared paper into hearts, I have used this tutorial by KUKU Arts and Crafts. I find this tutorial clear and easy to follow.

2. Since this is a card, you will want it to have a polished look. On the back of your large heart, use double-sided tape to adhere your lining paper, and carefully trim off the edges.

3. Likewise, line the inside of the large heart.

4. This is how the finished inside of your large heart should look.

5. As for the mini card insert, adhere your small hearts to the small rectangular thick card paper using double-sided tape.

6. Slip the mini card into the front slit of your large heart – and there you have it!

P.S. If you are looking to make something special for your mommy, be sure to check out our Mommy & Me Necklace  and Folded Shirt Card as well.


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