Adorable Nail Art

Nail art has been popular for quite some years now. The world of nail art is vast-ranging – from simple block colors to airbrush designs, and from simple chic crystal designs to the over-the-top “kawaii” Japanese 3-dimensional nail art, complete with their pink bows and dangling hearts at the tip.

One genre of nail art is painting on those ten tiny surfaces a collection or a set of fun objects. Below are some pretty incredible designs taken from The Nail Trail and this website by Steffan. I can probably draw a cute cupcake on paper, or even bake a pretty decent one, but drawing ten cupcakes on nails and then embellishing them with mini beads would take a whole different set of skills all together! What about the Mini Mouse-inspired designs, a set of ten little sneakers, fish, ladybird and chickies? Aren’t they simply adorable!

Adorable Nail Art for Kids Image


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