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Sushi Baby Gift Set – To Go!

Baby gifts are always a tough one – there’s just so many choices aren’t there? If you want to get creative but at the same time have a budget, here’s a fun way to present your gifts – roll your onesies and baby accessories into a sushi roll and box them up in a take-out box and you’re ready to go!

feature sushi

What You Need:

  • White Baby Onesies (I bought ones that were for 6-9 month babies)
  • Felt fabric in orange, yellow, black and green
  • Green Pom Pom
  • Additional Baby Onesie with food theme
  • Baby socks in veggie colors
  • Take out Box
  • Chopsticks
  • Sushi Roller

What To Do:


1.Prep your felt. The black felt strip will act as your seaweed paper. Depending on the thickness of your roll, I cut mine to be 11″ long x 2.5″ width. The orange and yellow felt strips will act as your veggies inside your roll and these can be about 8″in length x 1″ in width. Your green pom pom will be used as another vegetable in your “sushi roll.” Cut some green leaves as I did to act as embellishments for your sushi box.

2. Fold your onesie vertically so that it is around 2.75″ wide.

3. Make sure that the folded side is furthest away from you and that the collar side of the onesie is closest to you. This will be the side where you start the roll as what we want to do is to hide the collar area. Take your orange and yellow felt and fold it three times so that the folded crease is at top. Stack the yellow and orange felt on top of one another and put the green pom pom to one side. Roll upwards, holding the pieces tightly and ensure that all edges are aligned.

4. One you’ve finished your “roll,” all your “ingredients” should be some what centered in the middle of your onesie.

5. Besides using other fabrics, you can roll colored baby socks into the onesie to include more baby items into your gift package.

6. The last step would be to take your black felt and tightly roll over your onesie to give your roll a more realistic sushi look.

Repeat these steps with as many “rolls” as you like depending on how big your take-out box is. Add a sushi roller underneath your take-out box and a pair of chopsticks to finish the look.

Voila – you are set to gift!


4 thoughts on “Sushi Baby Gift Set – To Go!

  1. Oh my god that’s pretty cute, so adorable. I have tried my best to make it really looks great. My daughter loves it. Very nice information please keep posting more great ideas on baby gift sets.

    • Thank you for trying our our Sushi set tutorial – so glad you love it! If you can, we would love to see what you made, Thanks so much! We will keep up the posts on baby gifts 🙂

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