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Healthy Apple “French Fries”

Having trouble slipping the daily fruit onto your kid’s plate? Thinking of a creative way to serve up the big apple at your dining table? Here is an easy and fun way to dress up your apple.

What You Need:

  • 2 red apples
  • peeler
  • knife
  • U-shaped carving knife
  • toothpicks

Apple Fries Procedures

What To Do:

1. Get your apples and tools ready.

2. To make the apple “base”, cut off the top of your apple, and use the carving knife to carve out your desired pattern (I have done the big M for mine).

3. Peel off the skin of your second apple and cut out your “fries”.

4. Insert a toothpick into each “fries”, and arrange your “fries” onto your first apple “base”.

Quick and easy, isn’t it?  i’m lovin’ it, and hope that you are loving it too!

im-lovin-it2 copy


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