D.I.Y. Week-by-Week Pregnancy Signage

Pregnancy is a magical journey. Like many expectant mothers, especially first timers, I have set out to capture my pregnancy bump week-by-week, just so I can always look back and savor how amazing the journey was, and to show my child one day how he grew inside mommy’s belly (or how he ruined mommy’s once “perfect” figure, ha!). If you have been through pregnancy or have heard pregnant ladies chatting with one another, you’d know all too well that the progress is always spoken about by the number of weeks and not so much by the number of months.

So here, I would like to share with you the D.I.Y. week-by-week signage that I have made and hopefully this will give you some inspirations 😉 (Sorry, not sharing any of my “big” photos!)


What You Need:

  • An A4 card board paper
  • 3 sheets of thinner A4 paper
  • Sequins and faux gemstones
  • Double-sided tape
  • White glue
  • Scissors
  • Markers

Pregnancy Signage Procedures

What To Do:

This tutorial simply shows you what I have done for my signage to give you an idea. Of course you should use your creativity to make your very own unique pregnancy signage 😉

1. Have your materials ready.

2. I used an A4 sized red card board paper as the base of my signage, and adhered using double-sided tape a thinner, textured sheet of A4 white paper, trimmed along all edged.

3. I used white glue to stick some sequins and faux gemstones to decorate the corners, and used black marker to write the word “Week”.

4. I made my set of numbers cutouts using white paper, black and red markers. And week by week, I’d just change the numbers and have my photo taken.


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