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SweetP x Prints (Swedish Design) Collaboration for Father’s Day

We’re so excited to announce our recent partnership with Prints-International. Founded in Singapore in 2003, this amazing Swedish design company specializes in paper products, storage boxes and stationary and lucky for us, has stores in Hong Kong!

We couldn’t wait to get started with this great partnership and wanted to do something out of the ordinary for Father’s Day. So in true SweetP fashion, we thought it would be fun to make a scrapbook using their amazing Father’s Day Cards.

Check out what we did:


What You Need:

  • Beautiful Father’s Day Cards from Prints
  • Canon Selphy Printer to print adhesive photos (2.1 x 3.4in)
  • Washi Tape
  • Scissors
  • Card Embellishments
  • Assorted themed stickers
  • Ribbon craft punch
  • Adhesive eyelet and string button seals
  • Oval Craft Punch
  • Pen
  • Tweezers
  • Glue
  • Scrap paper for memo
  • 1 yard of ribbon that is 1/2 cm wide

What To Do: (to bind the cards together)

Sweet PRINTS Part1

1. Prepare all your materials in advance. Print out the photos that you would like to use on your cards. Get your Washi tape, craft punches and embellishments all ready to go along with your ribbon to bind the cards together.

2. Here’s a great view of the Father’s Day cards from Prints.

3. Using your ribbon craft punch, punch each card 1cm away from the edge on both sides of the card as seen in the photo.

4. Stack your cards one on top of another ensuring that all the holes are punched in the right place and are aligned..  Using a weaving technique, starting from the bottom card, weave the ribbon upwards through the first hole and over and back down through the second hole from the bottom of the card. Follow through and weave the ribbon through the last 2 holes.

5. You will end up with loose ribbon string on the back of the card. Tie a tight bow. And there you have your bound scrapbook.

6. Using these simple adhesive eyelet and string envelope seals, just place one black eyelet on the back of the card and attach it’s partner on the front page to help string wrap the book together.

There’s the base of your book!

What To Do: (for each unique page):

Sweet PRINTS Part2

1. Childhood page – I used Washi tape to border the photo followed by colorful flat beads to decorate the page. Using a small oval craft punch, I punched out the purple polka-dotted background for my small memo note that I hand wrote to give the page a more personal touch.

2. College Graduation – I used patterned Washi tape to decorate a background texture for my page. I, then used tweezers to decorate parts of the page with crystal embellishments and lined the photo with a row of them to give it more bling 🙂 Couldn’t help myself but had to stick a University of Michigan sticker on top to complete the page!

3.  Wedding – Again, using Washi tape to border the photo, helped give the page a bit more elegance. I finished the page with Pearl adhesive embellishments and that was it – nice and simple! Less is sometimes more!

4. Life after marriage – Using adhesive letters, I stuck HK – TW (for Taiwan) on the page and an airplane sticker on the page. I added more color by gluing on yellow flat beads to the page and finished off with a row of red heart stickers.

5. Father’s 60th Bday- Using Washi tape to decorate the plain white page, and star stickers to celebrate the occasion, this page was simple to execute. I topped the page with a “60th” adhesive sticker and some gold bead embellishments.

6. Voila! That’s the quick self-made scrapbook using simple blank greeting cards from Prints!

You can do the same with blank cards as well! Happy card-making!


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