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D.I.Y. Wedding Thank you’s In A Book

Preserving your wedding keepsakes and memories is a wonderful thing to do. Photos capture precious moments that you can relive over and over again! Wedding cards are another keepsake that I think are worth organizing and treasuring. For my own wedding, I kept all my wedding letters, wedding cards and thank you’s and glued them one by one in a large 14″ x 14″ scrapbook just like you would do with photos. I even kept a full set of my wedding invites, menu, save the date and thank you’s and glued them on a full page for my own memory. Some may choose to stash their cards in a shoe box however I chose to display them like a photo album so I can easily go back to them whenever I like. This is an easy project to do and also replicate with your birthday cards if you’re someone who loves to archive and keep your wonderful memories accessible!

What You Need:

  • 14″x”14 scrapbook
  • Wedding cards
  • Glue dots

What To Do:

1. Using your glue dots, arrange as many of your wedding cards onto a full page of your scrap book as you can and glue them neatly onto the page.

2. The glue dots will prevent damaging the card so best to use glue dots instead of the liquid glue.

3. Glue away and treasure your memories one day at a time!

Wedding Thank you Book


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