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Washi Tape Inspiration

As you’ve heard me time and time again before mention, how I LOVE Washi Tape – it’s true! I’m a big fan and it’s a quick fix if you ever need to add a special touch to something ordinary. I use it for cards, packaging and tons of other stuff. It’s a creative bandaid for when I need to make something on the whim. If you don’t have any, do pick up some at LOG-ON or online

Here are some great Washi tape inspirations that I found and wanted to share – can’t wait to try some of them!

washitape inspirtation

1. Washi Tape Bunting

2. Wedding Seating Chart

3. Washi Tape Paper Coffee Clutch and Paper Cutlery

4. Pencil Cup Holder

5. Keyboard Cover Made With Washi Tape

6. Baked Goods Packaging


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