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3D Ladybug Cake Techniques

I am guessing some of you might have overdosed on the ladybug theme posts, I promise this is the last post for the ladybug series (D.I.Y. Ladybug Invitation, Ladybug Cookies, Little Ladybug Cookies, Ladybug Cupcakes). In this post, instead of going through the step by step process of making this 3D ladybug cake, I am going to discuss a few techniques I’ve used that’s worth mentioning.


What You Need:

  • Ball shaped baking pan
  • Cake
  • Fondant (red, white, black, green)
  • Wire
  • Rice Krispies
  • Cookie Cutters

What To Do:

  • The Body – Bake a cake with a ball shaped pan and you will get the dome shape of the body. Cover it with red fondant.
  • The Head – I have used the cake pop technique here as I find the shape of the head is easier to control with this technique. Crumbled some cake up and mix frosting into the crumble. Shape a handful of the mixture into the shape of a ladybug head. Cover the head shaped mixture with black fondant.
  • The Antenna – Instead of adding gum paste to your fondant, I have wrapped a thin wire with black fondant so the antenna is easier to curl up and stay in place.
  • Name block – Wrap the block shape rice krispies with fondant and decorate each block with letters.

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