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D.I.Y. Stained Glass Bangles

This week I’d like to share with you a fun D.I.Y. that is suitable for all ages. Have you ever wanted to have a particular piece of jewelry to match an outfit, but just somehow isn’t able to find what you want in exactly the right color combination and style? That’s the beauty of D.I.Y. jewelry. These stained glass bangles are so awesome because you basically design your own patterns, and all you need is a little bit of coloring skills and a couple of hours as you wait for your glue to dry. I have made these three for myself. Try making matching ones for yourself and your little girl to match your latest outfits this summer!

Feature 2

What You Need:

  • Plastic bangles
  • Colored and/or glittered glue
  • A piece of vinyl sheet or a plastic folder
  • A piece of paper
  • Ruler
  • Pen

Stained Glass Bangles 26JUN2013

What To Do:

1. Have your materials ready. You can use any sort of plain plastic bangles. I have used clear ones here for a stained glass effect. Using solid colored ones will give your end product a much more solid tone in the end, and that is very nice as well. I have used a piece of vinyl sheet here, but regular clear plastic folders should work just as well. If you aren’t sure, then just taste out a small surface first to make sure that once your glue is dried, it can be peeled off in one piece. You can pick up any sort of colored and glitter glue at your local stationary stores – regular white glue works too, and if you are craving for some extra D.I.Y. fun, you can mix glitters into your white glue to create your own “paint”!

2. Measure out the length and the width of your bangle and draw the pattern on a piece of paper.

3. Line the clear plastic on top of your drawing (you may wish to secure with a paper clip or some tape) and color away with your glues. Make sure you don’t leave any big holes though, otherwise your dried glue strip may deform or break when you peel it. One way to check for holes is to remove your paper pattern from below and place your plastic sheet on a darker surface (especially if you use light colors like what I have done here).

4. Let your drawing dry – depending on what brand of glue you use, it may take a couple of hours or longer. I just let mine sit overnight.

5. Once your drawing is thoroughly dried, you can carefully peel it off. This is probably the most difficult part of the process – be very careful not to let your dried glue strip fold and stick onto itself! Once one part of your strip touches another part, it’d be very difficult to separate them and your strip may break as you attempt to do so. Also, don’t pull too hard because your strip will stretch out and your pattern will be elongated.

6. Since my glue strip is quite long (a kid size bangle would definitely be much easier to manage!), to avoid my strip from folding up, I actually placed the dried strip on my bangle as I peeled. The dried glue strip will adhere well to your plastic bangle. Should you spot any holes in your finished bangle, you can simply apply glue directly on to the surface to fill out those holes and let it dry out.

Have fun with your very own personalized stained glass bangles!


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