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Quick n’ Easy Polaroid Party Favors

If you like Polaroids as much as I do, here’s a quick and easy way to frame and gift them to guests when they attend your party.

I love the instant gratification of getting the photos right away- don’t you? I purchased these clear ID holders from MUJI and the Instax Fuji film mini polaroids fit right into them perfectly.  They were placed on each person’s dinner settings as they entered the venue and each person got an instant snap with the host and there you are – an immediate takeaway gift that is memorable and quick n’ easy.


What You Need:

  • INSTAX Fuji Mini Polaroid Film  -10 per pack
  • Polaroid Camera
  • Clear ID / Badge sleeves
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Scissors
  • Label stickers (70 x 37mm)
  • Tag Craft Punch
  • Wave-Edged Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Ribbons (optional)

polaroid party favors

What To Do:

1. Prepare all your materials in advance

2. Print your “Happy Birthday” Message on your labels via Word on your computer. Using your wave-edged scissors, cut the sticker labels and stick on your tags that you’ve punched out with your Tag – craft punch.

3. Depending on the size of your badge sleeve, measure and cut out the exact size scrapbook paper to be the background of your badge sleeve. I used double-sided paper so that you’ll have fun patterns on both sides of your clear badge sleeve.

4. Insert you badge background paper and voila you are almost done.

5. Repeat steps 1-4 until you’ve completed all badge sleeves. I changed up the paper color combinations to give it a more fun and colorful feel.

6. On site, take the instant Polaroids of your guests and host and insert them into the badge sleeves for each guest to take home.


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