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Gobi & Tika’s Puppy Favors

Gobi and Tika (my pups) recently hosted a puppy tea for some close friends.  I decided to make “pup-favors” and this is what we did. Using cupcake tins, I neatly folded some doggy shirts and decorated the tins with different ribbons and embellishments. You can stack them on top of each other or put them on a cake stand for nicer presentation. Here are some samples of what we did for your reference.

My pups, Gobi and Tika are modeling the shirts 🙂



What You Need:

  • Cupcake Tins with Plastic Cover
  • Assorted Ribbons
  • Glue
  • Doggy Tees
  • Embellishments


What To Do:

1. Gather all your materials that you need on your work table

2. Roll your doggy tee into a tight ball.

3. Gently place your rolled doggy tee into the cupcake tin and cover.

4. Using whichever ribbon you choose, simply tie a ribbon around the cupcake tin and glue the ends together.

5. Repeat step 4 with a different ribbon for variety.

6. Voila – your party favor is neatly packed into a cupcake tin. Feel free to decorate the cupcake tin with a message using a permanent market or even other embellishments.


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