Part One: Great Graffiti Art by Banksy

A form of art that has always captivated me is street style art – graffiti. Graffiti is controversial because at the end of the day, it is vandalism. When you think about it, graffiti does have a history that dates back to the prehistorical days of cave painting. It is difficult not to admire the creativity genius behind the incredible use of spray paint, permanent markers or even fire extinguishers (and the impeccable planning that goes into the secretive execution of their work is another story). Good graffiti art inspires, and Banksy’s satirical humor provokes.

Banksy is one of the best known graffiti artists in the world, whose true identity has been kept a secret for years. Here are some of his works:

Banksy 13JUL2013

1. Dusting into the Wall

2. I Want Change

3. Running Away with the Olympics

4. The British Flags

5. Don’t Look Down

6. Soldier Searched Down

Next week, I would like to share with you some work by another great graffiti artist, Saber, who made his name by creating a ginormous work in 1997 at the concrete bank of the Los Angeles River. His style really differs from that of Banksy, so stay tuned!


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