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Handmade Lollipop Flowers

Ever think about throwing a garden party, tea party or any garden-themed party with friends? Well, here’s a cute and simple idea for you that can be easily executed in a few minutes. These handmade lollipop flowers can be assembled in bowls as table centerpieces or you can easily leave them on each person’s place setting and leave them on top of the dinner plates / napkins. I simply love easy crafts that you can whip up in minutes that still look amazingly elegant. These lollipop flowers make a great little addition to your table decor. Try it out!



What You Need:

  • Colorful paper stock in whatever pattern yo prefer
  • Chupa Chups Mini Lollipops
  • Hole-Punch
  • Heart Scalloped Craft Hole Punch
  • Fabric Tape

What To Do:

lollipops flowers

1. Prepare all your materials in advance

2. Using your heart-shaped craft hole-punch, punch out 4 heart-shaped petals (optional: you can punch out more if you like).

3. Fold each heart petal in half leaving the patterned paper facing inwards.

4. Using your single hole-punch, punch a hole in the bottom stem of each heart ensuring that the hole is centered.

5. Stack the 4 heart-shaped petals on top of one another, and line up the holes on top of one another.

5. Insert your lollipop stick through the hole of your “flower” ensuring not to miss any holes.

6. Fasten the papers from the bottom of your stem by taping fabric tape around the stick so that the papers do not slide down the stick.

And there you are – all set!


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