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Pop Art For Your Home

Ever need an idea for a memorable wedding or baby shower gift, here’s one for you! I love buying gifts that are unique and personal. It’s just so much more meaningful than giving red pockets or a generic gift that will probably get re-gifted at some point. I recently created a Warhol-style photo art for my best friend’s wedding and she loved it. There are endless ways to use your creativity here – you can make family portraits, take old kids and pets photos and personalize them into colorful pieces of art!

Pascoe Pop Art Hong Kong  transforms any photo into a striking and original ‘Pop’ artwork based on the customer’s specifications. They print the artwork onto high quality canvas, stretch it around a timber frame, and deliver it, ready-to-hang, anywhere in the world.

Try them out some time!



One thought on “Pop Art For Your Home

  1. We do love it! Hanging in our dining room. Though it does make sense when your husband’s last name is ‘Campbell’ 🙂

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