Colorful 3D Bubbles Card

For my son’s 100 days birthday celebration, our family has organized a family dinner gathering to celebrate. I actually didn’t start off by having a party theme in mind – I twisted the order around and brainstormed on the party favor first this time. I wanted to prepare a party favor that was special, meaningful, and at the same time suitable for all ages (from grandparents to parents, uncles and aunts to cousins). Do you like what I ended up coming up with? A colorful handmade card with 3D paper bubbles, with a space reserved for a mini instant photo to be taken at the event, and a Thank You message inside. The theme then emerged naturally – “My Colorful Life”. What a true blessing to my baby if he can live a life that bursts with colors! 3D Bubbles Card Final multiple

What You Need:

  • 1/2 A4 card stock
  • colorful paper
  • circle punch
  • washi tape
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • colorful markers
  • doube-sided tape (at the event)
  • instant camera (at the event)

3D Bubble Card Procedure

What To Do:

1. Have your materials ready. I used A4 textured paper as my base so I precut my paper in half.

2. Stack your colorful paper together and punch out circles. I used standard weight plain colored paper for this and didn’t go for something extra heavy or textured. I have used two different sized punches (3/4″ and 1.5″) to give my card a better visual.

3. Fold your circles in half.

4. Glue 3 circles together as shown above to create your 3D balloons.

5.  I used washi tape (Christina’s favorite!) to create a colorful border for my card stock.

6. The final step is to assemble your card – write down your personalized message and glue on your 3D balloons.

May your life burst with colors too!

3D Bubbles Card Final single2


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