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D.I.Y. Diaper Babies

I saw these diaper babies when I was browsing online recently, and thought that they were the cutest little peanuts! They take no time to make and they can certainly add an ultra sweet touch to any baby showers (“aw….how cute!”).  I simply took whatever I could find in my baby’s closet to make these. And since I don’t actually have a baby shower to attend, I gave them all to my little one as toys once I was done with the photo-shoot (and after I removed the ribbons). He sure had a great time watching them dance, then putting them in his mouth, and finally dissembling them for me =)

Diaper Babies Final 2

What You Need:

  • Diaper
  • Baby handkerchief
  • Baby mitten (or baby sock)
  • Ribbon
  • Marker

Diaper Babies Procedures 31JUL2013

What To Do:

1. Prepare your materials. I have seen people using baby socks in place of mittens, but I think that mittens match better with my handkerchieves. If you use socks, then you may wish to use a thicker type of handkerchief to match the texture. I have also experimented with using a thin baby onesie in place of the handkerchief to wrap around the diaper, but it was too bulky.

2. Roll up your diaper. You should roll it in a way such that the colored part is hidden inside as shown above.

3. Fold your handferchief in half to form a triangle, and place abour 2/3 of your rolled up diaper on to the center of the triangle. You don’t actually need to use a piece of tape to hold your rolled up diaper in place because the handkerchief itself can wrap the bundle tight enough. I have just used the tape here for the photo-taking purpose.

4. Now wrap your diaper. Left to right, bottom up and tug the tip in, right to left and tug the tip in. You want to pull and tug quick tightly so that the diaper is snuggly wrapped and won’t fall apart.

5. Fix the mitten to the tip of the exposed end pf the diaper. If you use a sock, then roll your sock up a bit first.

6. Draw in the eyes using your marker and tie a piece of ribbon around as decoration. Your diaper baby is born!

Diaper Babies Final


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