3D Latte Art by Kazuki Yamamoto

Hong Kong is one of those strange cities where certain food items can muster extreme popularity seemingly overnight, just to be somewhat abandoned after a year or so – frozen yogurt, bubble tea, deep-fried pork katsu, cream puffs, and the list goes on and on. Latte may be one of the upcoming “flavors of the season”, I suppose, as I have noticed latte art workshops popping up here and there around town lately. Regardless of whether latte can rise up to the popularity challenge, I’d like to share with you this week some pretty impressive 3D latte art.

Kazuki Yamamoto is a Japanese “latte artist” who creates one-of-a-kind foam sculptures right in your cup. He is currently working as a barista in Cafe10g in Osaka. 3D latte art, once again goes to show that so long as you honor your inner creativity, you can create art any time, anywhere!

Latte Art 3AUG2013

1. Snoopy Latte

2. Kitten and Fish Latte

3. Giraffe Latte 

4. Happy Cat Latte

5. PSY Latte (yes, really!)

6. Bunny Latte


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