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Cute as a Button Picture Frame

I have many pet names for my little baby. Depending on what he looks like and what I feel like, one day he is my little dumpling, another day he is my little nugget, and at times my little piglet. Today I am going to pinch his nose and call him my little button 🙂 “Cute as a Button”, what an endearing phrase! How about decorating a picture frame with buttons to display your own little button? Here is what I have done over the weekend.

Cute as a Button 1

What You Need:

  • Plain picture frame
  • Buttons
  • Permanent markers
  • Ceramic glue

Cute as a Button 14AUG2013

What To Do:

1. I have picked up a plain white wooden frame as my base here. White is the most versatile of all. Since I am making one for my boy, I have chosen bottoms of varying sizes in blue, teal, yellow, white and light orange.

2. It is easier to draw / write on your frame first before sticking the buttons on.

3. Stick your buttons on using ceramic or super glue.

4. Insert the photo of your little “button” 🙂

Cute as a Button 2


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