Beautiful World Maps by Michael Tompsett

Is it just me or you also feel the same way the first time you look at these maps created by Michael Tompsett? I absolutely love his use of colors and motives in creating and recreating maps. You can see more of his work here. It was so difficult for me to select just a few to share with you here!

World Map 1

World of Colors

World Map 2

Dark World Illuminated

World Map 3

World of Lines

World Map 4

World of Names

World Map 5

Children’s World Landmarks

World Map 6

World of Hearts

World Map 7

World of Butterflies


4 thoughts on “Beautiful World Maps by Michael Tompsett

  1. Just as Eddie had said, your maps are phenomenal. I was wondering if i could also use them for commercial use, e.g. poster, brochure and of course giving credits to you! Thanks you very much.

    • Dear Sophia, for commercial use of the images, I’d suggest that you reach out to official distributors of his work (such as fine arts america) for guidance. Glad you enjoyed our blog post!

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