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Baby Shower: Tots n’ Totes

It’s the season of baby showers for me and I’ve planned quite a few of them so far this year. One of my favorite elements of the planning process is coming up with gift bag ideas. For the most recent one I planned, I had fun using the “Campbell Soup” motif as my good friend’s last name is “Campbell” so I came up with fun Campbell soup gift tags to help decorate the bag. Check out what I did.

What You Need:

  • Plain Canvas Totes
  • Assorted Color Tissue Paper
  • Iron On Patches for the bag
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Selphy Canon Photo Printer
  • Campbell Soup Image
  • Flower Embellishments (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Corner Rounder Punch
  • Gifts to include in your gift bag such as mini photo albums
  • Ribbons


What To Do:


1. Prepare all your materials in advance.

DSC_05942. Prepare your personal gift tags. I used my Selphy Photo printer to print Campbell’s Soup images on high gloss photo paper and cut out fun scrapbook paper as the background. Punch a hole in the corner and you’re ready to tie a ribbon through the hole and onto the bag.


3. Iron on your patches onto the front of your canvas bag to give it a more personal touch. Now you can start stuffing your gift bags with items that are relevant to your guests such as mugs, photo albums, home-made cookies etc!


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