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For The Bride: Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue

The saying “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe” is a traditional rhyme which says what a bride should wear at her wedding for good luck!!  Some people may follow this tradition for fun! As another way to celebrate this tradition, check out what I did:


What You Need:

  • Old Pair of Blue Converse
  • New Satin White Ribbons
  • Borrowed Pearls with a flat Back
  • White Ribbon embellishments
  • White Flower embellishment
  • Fabric Glue
  • Ribbon cutter

What To Do:

For the Bride

1. Take your old pair of blue converse from your closets and prepare your embellishments, fabric glue and scissors in advance

2. Thread the new white satin ribbons into the lace holes as seen in photo 2.

3. Taking your fabric glue, secure the white ribbon embellishment along the outer side of your shoe.

4. Continue to secure a flat-sided pearl onto the side of your shoe as seen. Feel free to glue as many as you like. Get creative!

5. You can even glue on rhinestones to the toe tip of your shoe as seen here in photo 5.

6. Or you can glue on the flat-headed pearls onto the outer rim of your toe tip.

There are endless ways to get creative so feel free to let your imagination take its course!


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