Beaded Braided Thread Bookmark

Reading has always been one of my favorite past times, though this activity has since taken a backseat after my baby was born. Still, I always have a book or two sitting next to me by my bedside. This week, I have made myself a pretty beaded bookmark in my favorite color.

Bookmark Final 2

What You Need:

  • 45″ Thread x 2
  • Beads
  • A thick needle
  • Threader
  • Scotch tape

Beaded Bookmark 1 4SEP2013

What To Do: 

1. For materials, I have measured out approximately 45″ of each colored thread. That should be more than sufficient to make a bookmark that fits most novels, although it also depends on the thickness of your thread. You may also have a piece of scotch tape handy to help secure your bookmark later on as you braid. Make sure that the beads that you use have holes large enough to fit the needle through!

2. Thread your thread through the needle and double it.

3. Knot the loose ends and start beading.

4. Cut off your needle once you’re done with your bottom beads.

Beaded Bookmark 2 4SEP2013

5. Now comes the braiding. Take your other piece of thread and tie a simple knot to start.

6. You will have 4 loose end threads, so combine any 2 as your braid. You can secure the beaded end of your bookmark onto your working surface using a piece of scotch tape so it’d be easier for you to braid.

7. Once you have made a long enough braid, you can tie a simple knot using a pair of threads again as shown to close it out. Next, thread your loose ends one by one through the needle using your threader in preparation of the final beading.

8. Slip in the last bead at the top and knot the loose end to complete your D.I.Y. bookmark.

Bookmark Final 1


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