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Look again! The Invisible Man, Liu Bolin

Ever played the game Where’s Waldo? Born in 1973 in China’s Shandong province, the now 41-year old artist Liu Bolin wows the world again and again with his camouflage art.  His work is oftentimes heavy in cultural, social and political flavors. Here is a cool video that shows how Liu directs his team to create these amazing photographs. For more on Liu, you can also visit his website here. Ready to play a game of Where’s Liu?

Liu 1

1. Grocery Store

Liu 3

2. I am a part of the Nationalistic Scene

Liu 4

3. Can Somebody Please Pick up the Phone?

Liu 5

4. Against the Door, yes really.

Liu 6

5. The Lanvin Shoot for Harper’s Bazaar

Liu 2

6. Tractor

Liu at Work

7. Liu at work


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