SweetPrints Collab: Mid Autumn D.I.Y. Paper Lantern

As we enter into September with Mid Autumn Festival around the corner, some of you may start thinking about moon cakes and lanterns. For this month’s collaboration with Prints Hong Kong, we thought it would be fun to make our own paper lanterns with patterned wrapping paper from Prints. I wanted to keep the Chinese theme so decided to select a red-based paper. However, you can easily turn this into another theme by changing the pattern of the paper, ribbon color and the gift tag. The lantern is toddler-friendly and not meant to be illuminated. You may even want to remove the stick that holds the lantern to ensure safety. Aside from letting the kids play with these lanterns during the Mid Autumn Festival, they can also be used as party decorations.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!


What To Do:


1. Stick patterned paper on to your paper cup. I chose a red base paper as I want to keep the Chinese flavor.
2. Cut the paper cup into strips as in the picture.
3. Trim the edges of the paper cup.
4. Curve the strips to the shape of a lantern.
5. Use another paper cup to make the lid of the lantern. Trim the cup as in the picture.
6. Make a small cross at the center of the lid with a cutter.
7. Insert the ribbon of the tag into the cut you made on the lid and tie a knot at the end to prevent it from slipping out.
8. Make another small cross at the center of the other lid with a cutter.
9. Fold a piece of ribbon into half and insert the folded end into the lid. Tie a knot at both ends. Leave a small hoop at the end that you will hold the lantern so you can insert a stick into the hoop.
10. Assemble the lid and the cup together. Stick the ends of the cup onto the lid with styrofoam glue.
11. Wrap a ribbon around the edges.
12. Wrap another ribbon around the other edge of the lantern. You can use fabric glue to hold the ribbon in place.


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