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Pom Pom Dog Collar

My dog Tika loves to pose for the camera – or should I say, she’s been trained well :). The doggy accessory market is huge and there’s so much out there. One weekend I took it upon myself to try to make my own dog collar for my very own Tika. Here’s what I came up with:


What You Need:

  • string
  • lighter
  • scissors
  • collar rope + buckle
  • fabric glue
  • pom pom ribbon

What To Do:


1. Prepare all your materials in advance.

2. Measure the circumference of your pup’s neck and cut the collar and pom pom ribbon to match that length.

3. Using strong fabric glue, secure the pom pom ribbons on the collar and using a laundry clip, secure for another 15 minutes until glue is completely dry

4. Insert the buckle to both ends of the collar and glue the excess part of the collar inwards.

5. Let dry for another 15 minutes.

6. Gently fit the collar onto your pup and there you have it!


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