Baby Imprints Keepsake

My baby just turned 6 months old several days ago, a little milestone for us. To lock in this special moment for years to come, I have picked up an Imprint Kit to cast his pudgy little hand and foot imprint in clay. The one that I used was from Mamas & Papas. I liked it, it was easy to use and the packaging was compact and adorable.

Clay Imprint

Speaking of imprints, we have actually done his footprints on canvas when he turned 1 month old. I picked up the kit from Mothercare.

Foot Imprint

I personally think that the clay imprint was much easier to make and way less messy. But with the clay, you need to press the baby’s hand and foot down pretty hard in order to get a good imprint (and don’t forget to press each and every single finger and toe down!), so I’m not sure if you’d want to do that to a fragile little baby. Just an aspect to consider. Come to think of it, before I know, my baby will be making me his very own imprint artwork! Oh my…

Full Set Imprints


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