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Spooky Treats

Halloween is right around the corner and craft season is at it’s peak. While Trick-or-treaters are getting their costumes ready, I’m getting our candy and treats ready for the Hallooween parade taking place in our apartment. It’s always such a joy opening our door to a cute bunch of kids in costume! Here are some “Spooky” treat boxes I’ve prepared:



What You Need:

  • Big Shot Die Cut Machine
  • Pillow box die cut
  • orange construction paper
  • patterned construction paper in yellow, orange and black
  • 1 meter of ribbon
  • double sided tape
  • 1″ craft scallop punch
  • 3/4″ craft circle punch

What To Do:


1. Get all your materials prepared in advance.

2. Take your pillow box Die Cut, lay down facing up, and sandwich your cutting boards on both sides. Insert Orange construction paper on top of the pillow box die cut and gently roll the the cutting boards through the machine.

3. Your pillow boxes should be ready to go with perforated areas for the top and bottom folds.

4. Using your 1″ and 3/4″ circle punches, punch out the eyes for your pillow box.

5. Assemble your pillow box by folding along the crease lines and using double sided tape, seal the edge together.

6. Fasten your “eyes” onto your pillow box using double sided tape and wrap black ribbon around the body of the box for an additional spooky touch!



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