Mirror Mirror (Not) on the Wall

Mirror mirror on the wall – or not! We have a natural fascination towards reflective surfaces and reflections. Simply look at the way a baby interacts with her mirror reflection, initially mistaking it as a play mate and within months developing the realisation that it is indeed a reflection of herself, and may the fun begin. Our fondness of our own image is also the reason why reflective surfaces are often used both outside and inside elevators, so that we have got something to do while being idly, waiting! For this week, I’d like to share some cool mirror art with you. Hope you’d share the same admiration that I have on the interesting effects that these artists’ use of reflective surfaces create.

Mirror 1

Follow Me by Jeppe Hein

Mirror 2

by Anish Kapoor

Mirror 3

Vestige Installation by Rob Mulholland

Mirror 4

Tolaga Bay New Zealand, by Maslen & Mehra

Mirror 5

Restructure by Harumi Yukutake

Mirror 6

Curves for E.S. by Dan Graham


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