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D.I.Y. Halloween Candies Basket x Sassy Mama

Knock knock, Trick or Treat!

If this is the first Halloween that you are spending in Hong Kong, you may be pleasantly surprised by how creative people get when it comes to dressing up in all sorts of costumes. Things can get pretty wild and fun, especially around the Central and Wanchai area!

Now if the Hong Kong bar and clubbing scene isn’t exactly your cup of tea, and you’d rather have a costume party at home with your friends and wait for the little Trick-or-Treaters, you may probably want to have some treats ready. Feel like preparing something special this year for Iron Man, ladybug, pumpkin, now White and pirates? We are here to show you how to make a beautiful ribboned basket and origami-style candy packages to treat your spooky visitors. This tutorial is also showcased in our monthly Sassy Mama collaboration!


Part 1: Halloween Origami-style Candy Packages

What You Need:

  • Orange and black paper
  • Orange ribbon
  • Assorted candies
  • Cutter
  • Stapler
  • Double-sided tape

Halloween Candies SEP2013

What To Do:

1. I picked up a sheet of orange and a sheet of black opaque A4 sized paper from Prints. I came across these orange colored chocolates (it’s chocolate covered apricots) the other day at the supermarket and thought they were perfect for Halloween! I’ve selected a thin piece of orange ribbon, also from Prints, to complement my paper.  You’d need approximately 3″ per package.

2. You’d need rectangular shaped paper to make your origami packages. I have divided my A4 paper as shown here to make 2 different sizes of packages.

3. Stick a piece of double-sided tape along the short edge of the paper and form a loop.

4. Fold one end twice and use a stapler to secure neatly.

5. It’s Halloween, so you’d need lots of candies for Trick or Treat!

6. Stuff your packages. Fold the other end once or twice and use a stapler to secure once again, and this time, add a piece of ribbon to decorate. See the final product below.

Halloween Candies Final

Part 2: Halloween RIbboned Basket

What You Need:

  • A bamboo basket with large holes
  • Orange and black ribbons
  • Orange tissue paper
  • Black confetti paper strips
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape

Halloween Basket SEP2013

What To Do:

1. I found this basket at a local stationary store. It’s perfect for this project because it has very large holes for looping my ribbons through. With this sized basket, I needed approximately 2 meters of black and 1.5 meters of orange 1″ wide ribbons.

2. Weave the orange ribbon around the basket. Do it one layer by one layer, and seal each end with a piece of double-sided tape. I love using double-sided tape for this (better than using glue) because there is zero waiting time and it leaves no mark.

3. Secure the other end as well inside the basket using a piece of double-sided tape.

4. Weave the black ribbon along the top edge of the basket. Depending on what type of basket you end up getting, you may need to make adjustments to the way you weave your basket.

5. Play around with the ribbons to cover up as much of the bamboo as possible.

6. Place the tissue paper inside your finished basket and add the black confetti strips. Your basket is now ready for same candies.


This concludes the first post of SweetP’s two-part Halloween series. Watch out for our next Halloween D.I.Y. post for the Halloween signage and Paper Witch Hat tutorials to complete your Halloween display!



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