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Health Alert – Heart Attack!

I love crudities! Celery, Carrot, Cucumber sticks and even healthy cherry tomatoes make a great veggie platter for baby showers. Here’s a super easy and fun way to serve up tomatoes on a stick if you need a boost of creativity on presentation.

Check out how it’s done.


What You Need:

  • Assorted Party Picks
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Knife
  • Cutting Board

What To Do:


1. Prepare all your materials in advance.

2. Pick out similar sized oval shaped cherry tomatoes.

3. Slice the cherry tomato at a diagonal angle as seen in photo 3.

4. Ensure that the slice is clean.

5. Flip one of the cherry tomato halves upside down to form a heart shape.

6. Using your party pick, pierce through both halves of the cherry tomatoes in a diagonal angle and there you have it!


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