Fall in Love – Message in a Bottle

About two weeks ago, Hong Kong was blessed with a couple of absolutely gorgeous fall days, with clear blue skies, nice crisp air and a cool breeze. We only really get a handful of such perfect days here each year, and the sweet thought of “falling in love” came to mind. I was very inspired to make something sweet to celebrate fall, so here comes my fall in love, message in a bottle, or two. These can actually be very cute party favors. I hope you like them!


What You Need:

  • Mini bottles
  • Heard shaped punch
  • Paper (in fall colors and in cream)
  • Gift stuffing paper
  • Ribbons
  • Scissors

Fall Bottle 14NOV2013

What To Do:

1. For materials, I have selected various shades of yellow and orange as my “fall colors”. If you have been following our blog, then you may recognize some of the materials from our recent Halloween post!

2. Punch out your paper hearts.

3. Cut out small strips of paper and write down your messages.

4. Carefully place your hearts, stuffing paper and messages inside your bottle. Scatter them evenly and make them look nice!

Finally, seal the bottle and tie a little bow around it.



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