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SweetP @ Rotary Club of City Northwest Hong Kong

Just this past Wednesday, SweetP had the great honor to be invited as a guest speaker to the Rotary Club of City Northwest Hong Kong’s meeting to spread some SweetP love. It was an excellent luncheon meeting, where I got the invaluable opportunity to sit in and listen to what this non-profit organization is all about and the great things that it does for our community. Representing SweetP, I talked about how Shirley, Christina and myself got together and came up with the idea of “sharing our passion for creativity”, how we have been living up this mission, some challenges that we see, as well as our aspirations for SweetP. It was an excellent sharing session, and we hope that the members of the Rotary Club of City Northwest have left the meeting with a bit more understanding of SweetP’s passion for creativity and our dreams! Below are some photos from the “happy hour” that I spent with this remarkable group of professionals who come together in the desire to serve our community.




Special thanks to Paul Wong (left) and Club President Ronald Kwok (right).


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