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Holiday Packaging 101

I love Christmas and I especially love looking and admiring all the beautiful holiday packaging out there. From special box gift sets, to holiday Christmas wrapping, retailers spend a lot of time and energy marketing their holiday products and I am the marketer’s dream – packaging is my weakness and I love it! I recently came across Prints’ new collection of Holiday cards and I couldn’t resist tagging them onto a batch of cookie treats that I made for a friend’s dinner.  They’re small and sweet and they are the perfect accessory to a simple cookie batch. Check them out here!


What You Need:

  • Cookies (you can make any flavor of your choice – mine are peanut butter)
  • Xmas plastic packaging
  • Prints holiday cards
  • Hole Punch
  • A red holiday mug to put your cookies in as an optional way to package and gift your cookies

What To Do:

1. Bake your cookies (using any recipe that you love). Allow them to cool down.

2. Prepare all your packaging in advance.

3. Place a handful of cookies into your holiday bags and tie up securely with a pipe.

4. Hole Punch one hole on the corner of your card

5. Insert the pipe into your card and attach onto your holiday bag.

6. Voila – you are ready to gift and go! 🙂 It’s as simple as that!



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